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  1. Dunos says:
    Ormai i miei ospiti avrebbero dovuto essere già qui. La cena si fredda. A esta hora, los invitados ya deberían haber llegado; la cena se está enfriando. ormai From the English "tantalizingly" avv avverbio: Descrive o specifica il significato di un verbo, di una frase, o di parti del discorso: "Sostammo brevemente" - "Ho tirato la palla lontano".
  2. Matilar says:
    Jun 07,  · Ascolta e Acquista “Ormai” taibuycheicugecanworkmenbeausefalri.coinfo Produzione: Undervilla regia: Matteo Bombarda fotografia: Undervilla crew operatore: Davide Polato montag.
  3. Vugar says:
    Renewable. Reliable. Responsible. Ormat is a leading company in the renewable energy sector. We’re committed to innovation and to advancing the tools and technologies that enable the most efficient development of renewable energy, reducing energy waste .
  4. Vilar says:
    Translations of the phrase ORMAI SORPASSATE from italian to english and examples of the use of "ORMAI SORPASSATE" in a sentence with their translations: Le regole sessiste ormai sorpassate.
  5. Kalmaran says:
    Gabriella Ormai is former managing partner () and now Partner at the Budapest office of CMS, co-heading the Commercial practice in Hungary. Her main areas of expertise include: commercial, employment, tax, insurance, litigation and corporate law.
  6. Yozshushakar says:
    English. Italiano Español Français Русский Český Bahasa indonesia Norsk Svenska Hrvatski Suomi Dansk Español.
  7. Tygogis says:
    Oct 06,  · Italian: ·by now, by this time, now, at this point, by then Synonym: a questo punto Sarà a Parigi, ormai. ― She will be in Paris by now. La pizza non dovrebbe essere qui ormai? ― Shouldn't the pizza be here by now?· already, yet Synonym: già· nearly, almost Synonym: quasi.
  8. Grohn says:
    Oct 26,  · Just a little FYI, use of ormai, as far as I can tell, was guisto but you wouldn't use the syntax as below for the rest of the sentence. As a general use, use dopo che when it's part of a compound sentence. So when you just say "I went home after school", dopo da solo va bene, but when you say "After I woke up, I went to school" you would say Dopo che.
  9. Migal says:
    Apr 23,  · Directed by Enzo Monteleone. With Stefano Accorsi, Giovanni Esposito, Emilio Solfrizzi, Antonio Catania. The movie is based on the autobiography of Horst Fantazzini. Son of an anarchist, he was known in Northern Italy as "the gentleman bandit" because he robbed banks with no violence, using only a toy gun. After a number of trials and escapes, in the summer of he is held in the Fossano.

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